Hello fellow DIY'ers!! Last June my husband and I moved into a new home. We absolutely loved the home and the location was perfect. HOWEVER and I mean a big HOWEVER our home should have been named The White House. Not because it was a big mansion with a very famous address but because EVERYTHING in the house was white. The walls, the cabinets, the floors, the countertops, EVERYTHING. Luckily for Charles and I, we enjoy home projects and DIY's and our new home was like a blank palette.

Night one of moving into the house and first project, color on the walls.

First things first,  picking a color for the walls. Now to some this may seem like a simple task but for me, not so much.  That's not due to me being indecisive but due to me and my hunny AGREEING on a color. Ok so fast forward a couple weeks and LOTS of paint samples ,drum roll please, we found one we both loved.  I however didn't want to just throw some color on the walls and call it a day. I wanted something different. Everyone has seen the "accent wall" done with a different colored wall. I wanted to try something new. TEXTURED WALL PAPER!!

Ok I can sense the cringing from those ladies who lived through the wall paper days. Wallpaper in every room and on every wall. The wallpaper had to match the border and then also match the curtains. Oh and don't forget the dreaded feeling that came when you decided to take the wallpaper off. Well no need to fear those days are gone, well unless you go to my Grandma's house because she still has her foiled mushroom wallpaper. Love you mamaw!!

To put my plan in motion I needed some help from someone who remembered those days because while I had a bedroom full of wallpaper, I was too young to remember putting it there. So I enlisted the help of my amazing mother-in-law, who I think may have cringed for a split second when I said the words wallpaper, but I assured her that it would not be as difficult( My fingers may have been crossed and secretly praying it wouldn't be), plus we were only doing one wall.

I found the specific wallpaper I liked at Lowe's, however I did have to order it online. I also got a wallpaper set, Roman Wallpaper Application Kit, from Lowe's that came with all the tools I need to do my little project. 

The specific wallpaper I got was pre-pasted so it didn't have to soaked it water. This made it much more simple and way less messy. I used the GH-70 paste from Lowe's.

Using a tape measure, we measured the height of the wall so determine the length we needed. We laid the first strip along a long piece of wood to have a hard surface to cut the wallpaper on. Be careful as you are cutting the wallpaper because I will tear as your cutting it. We then flipped the wallpaper over and applied a liberal amount of the glue to the back. Once we VERY gently carried the glue applied wallpaper into the room, we lined it up along the wall at the corner and pressed it on from ceiling to floor. Just a quick tip: we cut the strips of wallpaper a little long so we had room to cut some off the bottom at the baseboard to ensure that it was long enough. Now that the strip of wall paper was on the wall we went through with the stippled brush and roller tool to make sure there were no air bubbles. Be very careful as you are doing this because the wet wallpaper will shift a little if you roll too hard. After you have the wallpaper in place and no air bubbles, trim the bottom at the baseboard using the razor that comes in the kit. Now you just simply repeat all those steps till the wall is done.

Just a couple things to be mindful of as your going along: 1. Be aware of your pattern on the wallpaper so as you continue it will line up. 2. You may have to cut out around a plug or outlet or even a window depending on the wall you choose.

Once you have the wall(or room if your doing more than one wall) finished, it has to dry for 24 hours. I felt like my wall dried faster than that so by the next afternoon we began painting.

Using a large roller brush, we just rolled the paint on like any other wall. You may find though that you have to press a little harder or work the brush a little more because of the texture on the wallpaper. The trim was a little more tricky because of the texture but just don't get too much paint on your brush and take your time. My mother-in-law introduced me to the Purdy paint brush and it is amazing for doing trim. They can be a little pricey but at the end of the day it will last you a long time if you clean it out good after each use and with this brush you don't have to tape everything off. Well unless you got the shakes you may want to also tape off.

Ok so wallpaper on, paint dried, all there is left now is to move in to our new bedroom!! WOOHOO!!

I am SOOOOO happy with the way it turned out. It gives the room a very subtle pop without being too much. After all is said and done, I would absolutely do this project again. Hope you enjoyed this idea and I would love to see pictures of how yours turned out if you decide to try it.